07 August 2014 - HGL equipment used for Bloodhound SSC wheel test

HGL was recently asked to help with a very unusual engineering test. The Bloodhound SSC team, which is developing a 1000 mph land speed record car, conducted a spin test of one of the car’s four aluminium and steel wheels, at rotational speeds of up to 10,429 revolutions per minute.


29 November 2013 - HGL announces new office in Korea

HGL Dynamics is pleased to announce that it has set up a new distributor agreement for the Republic of Korea. Our distributor, based in Incheon just outside of the capital city Seoul, is "HGL Korea".

We're happy to confirm that we have been able to continue our relationship with Mr Hyun-Sik Kim, who is the main point of contact, both for new and existing customers of HGL Dynamics in Korea.


17 September 2013 - HGL joins EU-funded research program "SOIMON"

HGL Dynamics is one of the SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprise companies) which is participating in the SOIMON program funded by the European Union.

The SOIMON project is aimed at the problems involved with sonic drilling in contaminated land. It combines sensing for contamination in soil with active and passive vibration control, with acoustic emission sensing for the onset of damage to the drill head.


19 November 2012 - HGL article in Aerospace Testing International Showcase 2013

Aerospace Testing International's Showcase for 2013 includes an article submitted by HGL. Written chiefly by Dr Jim Hone, the Managing Director, the title is "Economies of scalability".

The article describes recent trends in the miniaturisation of measurement devices. It goes on to explain why there are many different benefits which such miniaturisation can bring to the test measurement community.

The magazine publishers allowed us to use the Dragonfly acquisition platform as an illustrative example of the points made in the article.

The full article can be seen by clicking here (article will appear in a new tab).

One of our photos from the article also made it onto the front page! If you're interested, you can see that here (magazine will appear in a tab).

22 December 2011 - Dragonfly Flies Again!

HGL Dynamics has recently completed a successful flight test program on board a P3 Constellation using our rugged Dragonfly hardware platform.



31 October 2011 - Dragonfly Flies!

Dragonfly, HGL Dynamics ultra-portable, rugged data acquisition system has taken two steps into the sky during the fall of 2011 in 16 channel and 32 channel configurations.


31 August 2011 - HGL Launches Acoustics Package

As part of a major customer delivery, HGL has launched a range of real-time and analysis components within its Hawkeye and Aurora products for noise and acoustics measurement.


16 August 2010 - HGL Dynamics Inc achieves ISO9001:2008 Accreditation

The HGL group is pleased to announce that its HGL Dynamics Inc business has achieved ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. HGL Dynamics Inc provides sales, production and support for the entire HGL Dynamics range of products and services in the USA from its base in Indianapolis.