31 August 2011 - HGL Launches Acoustics Package

As part of a major customer delivery, HGL has launched a range of real-time and analysis components within its Hawkeye and Aurora products for noise and acoustics measurement.

HGL has supplied a 64 channel Dragonfly-based noise measurement system to a major US customer investigating the effect of Jet noise on operational personnel. The system includes 16 Dragonfly acquisition modules with TEDS capable IEPE conditioning, 5 CPU modules, 5 POE Network Switch modules, and a back end Aurora Analysis and Archive station. The system is teamed with a set of GRAS microphones and, when operated in 24-bit mode, provides an extremely high-quality, sensitive recording system.  

The Dragonfly modules also include integral GPS receivers to allow non-connected, wide-area closely synchronised operation (better than +/-50 ns between any two devices).

As part of this system HGL has developed nth Octave (1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12 & 1/24), Sound Level, Sound Power and Intensity components for its Hawkeye real-time monitoring, and Aurora post-processing systems. All components conform to relevant ISO standards, and full details can be found in the following Hawkeye and Aurora pages.

HGL's Dragonfly system has been developed as a small footprint, rugged data acquisition system for use in aerospace, industrial and automotive applications. It provides acquisition bandwidths of up to 100 kHz at 24-bit resolution. More details on the Dragonfly range of modules can be found by clicking this link.