HGL Dynamics pdf HGL Dynamics Company Overview

Data Acquisition Systems

Dragonfly pdf Ethernet-based, expandable, 8-channel acquisition module
Firefly pdf Touch-screen 8-channel mobile data recorder
HDR 0808 pdf Rack-based or desktop, 8-channel high-speed data recorder
HDR 1600 pdf Rack-based or desktop, 16-channel high-speed data recorder
HDR 3200 pdf Rack-based or desktop, 32-channel high-speed data recorder
Eagle pdf Rack-based or desktop, 32-channel high-speed acquisition
Hummingbird pdf

Portable 16 or 32-channel high-speed acquisition

Hummingbird FP pdf

Rugged, low pressure capable, 32-channel high-speed acquisition

SpinRig pdf

Portable rotating machinery simulation 


Hawk User Interface pdf High-Performance Data Acquisition and Monitoring
Aurora Tornado pdf Automated Analysis, Interactive Viewing and Interrogation
Aurora DataViewer pdf Interactive Analysis of Dynamic Data
Hercules pdf Automated Data Archive Manager
Pioneer pdf Automated Data Analysis for Trending and Summarising
HGL Modal pdf Modal analysis software
Tip Clearance pdf Tip Clearance software for rotating machinery
Torsion pdf Torsion software for rotating machinery


These PDF files require the Adobe Reader.