07 August 2014 - HGL equipment used for Bloodhound SSC wheel test

HGL was recently asked to help with a very unusual engineering test. The Bloodhound SSC team, which is developing a 1000 mph land speed record car, conducted a spin test of one of the car’s four aluminium and steel wheels, at rotational speeds of up to 10,429 revolutions per minute.


HGL for Bloodhound SSC web

HGL software appearing in official Bloodhound video

The test, carried out at a spin pit facility at Rolls-Royce in Derby, used one of HGL's Eagle patch panels for the vibration recording and analysis.

This equipment was put together at very short notice, and was delivered and set up in time for the test, which was very successful. HGL's software was used to prove that the frequencies of vibration seen during the test matched the predicted values obtained from simulation, and that the amplitudes at those frequencies were within tolerable limits.

The official video from the test is available here. You can see our Hawk control software and Hawkeye real-time monitoring software featured briefly at 01:28 in the video timeline. For more information on the capabilities of the software shown here, please look at Hawk user interface and Hawkeye real-time visualisation articles, or contact us with your enquiry.