31 October 2011 - Dragonfly Flies!

Dragonfly, HGL Dynamics ultra-portable, rugged data acquisition system has taken two steps into the sky during the fall of 2011 in 16 channel and 32 channel configurations.

The two Dragonfly systems provided data acquisition and monitoring capabilities aboard two aircraft flight test trials over a period of several weeks. The Dragonfly configurations included 2 or 4 acquisition modules, a CPU module, removable media storage, and a Dragonfly Display module for remote control. The two aircraft, one of which was a Cessna class, provided very limited space for instrumentation, and the Dragonfly, with its small footprint and integrated signal conditioning, provided an ideal solution.

Both aircraft were unpressurised, and altitudes of >15,000 ft and sub-zero temperatures were experienced during the multi-day flight tests.

Captured data was converted on the plane to MATLAB format and then downloaded onto the removable storage for off-plane analysis.

HGL's Dragonfly system has been developed as a small footprint, rugged data acquisition system for use in aerospace, industrial and automotive applications. It provides acquisition bandwidths of up to 100 kHz at 24-bit resolution. More details on the Dragonfly range of modules can be found by clicking this link.