Board Design and Manufacture

HGL Dynamics provide a complete suite of services to allow you to realise your product design in a rapid and cost effective manner. 
Our own experiences have led us to build our facility in Lincoln, having realised the difficulties in finding a single source providing a complete solution for electronic and mechanical design and production.

Services Available

  • Design: Individual components / complete electronic systems
  • PCB Layouts
  • PCB Assembly, inspection and testing
  • Module and unit assembly & test
  • Consulting
  • Prototype & Production

Individual Components & Complete Systems

HGL Dynamics' team of experienced electronic design engineers provide the ability to realise your concept. Whether your requirement is for analogue or digital electronic design, we have the skills to turn your ideas into reality. We have developed our own range of market-leading data acquisition devices, and are equipped to design hardware and firmware incorporating microprocessors and FGPAs.

Our team can work with you to capture your requirements or work from detailed specifications.

PCB Layout

Once you have your circuit design, our engineers can produce the PCB layout, working within any mechanical constraints you may have.

PCB Assembly, Inspection and Test

Our investment in state of the art equipment allows us to efficiently assemble your PCBs, whether the requirement is for a one-off prototype or a production run. The Essemec Pantera XV Plus is a highly flexible SMT placement machine, offering an incredible component placment speed of 4,500 pieces per hour. It is equipped with three optical systems, a laser alignment, a top-down and a bottom-up vision.The combination of all these facilitates fast placement of discrete components and precise placing of fine-pitch and BGA using one machine.

All boards are inspected by an IPC certified inspector. HGL can offer a PCB test service if required.

Once HGL Dynamics has produced your PCBs and enclosures, we can assemble the components and if required, carry out testing to your specification.


Pantera PnPboard