22 December 2011 - Dragonfly Flies Again!

HGL Dynamics has recently completed a successful flight test program on board a P3 Constellation using our rugged Dragonfly hardware platform.



HGL Dynamics Inc leased six Dragonfly acquisition modules (48 channels) with IEPE conditioning, an integrated CPU and storage to provide a system capable of recording continuously for over 8 hours.

Dragonfly was ideal for the requirement, as its small footprint meant that the entire system could be located on two small shelves, each with a combined space of 12 inches by 11 inches. At the end of each flight test day, all data was automatically exported to removable media in a data format specified by our customer, allowing them to complete all necessary analysis off the test vehicle.

HGL's Dragonfly system has been developed as a small footprint, rugged data acquisition system for use in aerospace, industrial and automotive applications. It provides acquisition bandwidths of up to 100 kHz at 24-bit resolution. More details on the Dragonfly range of modules can be found by clicking this link.