HGL Hummingbird data acquisition
Multi-Channel Ultra-Portable Acquisition System
  • 16-32 Channels
  • 100 kHz Bandwidth
  • 120 dB SNR
  • Ultra Portable and rugged
  • 24-bit ADCs Per Channel
  • 1x, 10x, 100x Gain
  • AC, DC, ICP Input
  • 1/4, 1/2, Full Strain Bridge
  • Dynamic Strain
  • True CI / CV Capability
  • Gigabit Ethernet Data Link
  • Core i7 Processor
  • Multi-Unit Sync


Hummingbird II is an enhanced data acquisition system based on the concept of the successful Hummingbird launched in 2006. Hummingbird II is designed to provide a world-class, ultra-portable solution for dynamic data recording and real-time monitoring.

Hummingbird features 16 or 32 analogue input channels.

  • 24-bit delta sigma A to D converter per channel
  • Synchronous sample rates 5-256 kS/s (up to 100 kHz bandwidth)
  • A variety of conditioning options
  • Synchronous sampling across multiple Hummingbird II units using LVDS
  • Full Core i7 CPU built-in to allow autonomous operation
  • Small and rugged for test vehicle mounting
  • Large (128, 256, 512 GB) Solid State Disk for data storage
  • < 4 kg weight

Hummingbird features a Gigabit Ethernet connection, allowing acquired data to be streamed to laptop or PC. It can also be used as a standalone data logger, with its built-in CPU and disk drive.

The unit is supplied in an ultra-rugged milled aluminium housing for use in close proximity to the test article.

The Hummingbird is completely compatible with HGL's existing range of data acquisition, real-time monitoring, analysis and archiving systems.