Aurora Tornado

HGL Aurora Tornado
  • High-quality multi-channel analysis using native signal processing
  • Batch and Rapid processing options
  • Continuous queue- and priority-based operation
  • User selectable frequency bandwidths
  • Frequency decomposition against any available reference parameter
  • Worldwide connectivity – Thin Client/Server Architecture
  • Fully interactive processing task configuration and control
  • Remote control and interrogation
  • Multi-user access


Aurora-Tornado is part of the Aurora Analysis system, an integrated analysis platform that provides all the tools and capabilities required for summary and detailed analysis of both time and frequency domain data from a single application window.

The Aurora-Tornado is the primary application for processing the raw dynamic data to generate calibrated processed files which can be viewed and interrogated in the Aurora-DataViewer module. Aurora-Tornado can be used to generate either time-domain or frequency-domain calibrated data and can be used to process a single request or to batch process multiple requests from multiple users.

The Aurora-Tornado system provides a stand-alone data analysis server at the centre of a network of user workstations (or can be run on a single laptop remotely from base). The processing engine at the heart of the Tornado turns raw (ADCs) time-domain data into meaningful results in either the time or frequency domains. The processing applies relevant calibrations to the data and then re-samples the data to the frequency bandwidth requested by the user. FFT processing is then performed for frequency domain jobs, where the FFTs are located against the specified reference channel and/or with a prescribed overlap.

The Aurora-Tornado allows you to leave your data-processing system to run secure in the knowledge that your results will be ready as soon as possible, with the most urgent analysis tasks fast-tracked to appear in minutes. With an HGL Aurora-Tornado you can achieve these results with minimum set-up and administration times. Moreover the Aurora-Tornado links seamlessly with the HGL Hercules archiving and data management solution, such that data sets required for processing are automatically restored without any intervention from the user.

The processing performed by the Aurora-Tornado can be used in many applications and is particularly appropriate for those requiring high channel-count, long-duration, high-resolution data capture from remote sites.

Applications include:

  • Engine maintenance and overhaul testing
  • Industrial turbine maintenance
  • Seismic data analysis
  • Noise monitoring and analysis
  • Structural vibration monitoring
  • Trim balancing
  • Narrow band frequency analysis