HGL Hercules data storage and management
  • Infinitely expandable data storage
  • Fully automated operation
  • Seamless integration with the HGL acquisition and analysis software
  • Store, back-up and retrieve mission critical data transparently
  • Total data transportability, including offsite locations
  • High-performance throughput



Aerospace development and testing systems require the capture and analysis of vast amounts of data; this demands a robust, dynamic archiving system for fast and secure data storage and retrieval.

The HGL Dynamics Hercules archiving system provides an automated scalable storage system for large scale aerospace testing applications. It is infinitely expandable from simple, single tape or disk drive systems to multiple drive, multiple robot storage systems.

Hercules is fully network-enabled and can be operated locally or remotely over LAN or WAN networks.

Hercules is based on a three-tier model, designed to provide the maximum speed and safety for data.


Primary Storage

Each Hercules includes a fast RAID6 storage system for instant access to regularly-used files. The RAID systems are available in size from 500 Gigabytes to 50+ Terabytes. Hercules can also be used with third-party NAS systems if required.

Access to primary storage is near instantaneous (80-300 Megabytes/sec) for local users, and available to remote users through various networking solutions.

Hercules uses a sophisticated caching system to ensure that the data users require remains on the fast primary storage for as long as possible.


Secondary Storage

The Hercules system supports multiple tape drives and libraries, including AIT3, AIT5, SAIT, and LTO as well as network attached storage systems. Removable hard disks are also supported.

lto libraries

LTO Tape Libraries

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Network-attached storage

ait libraries

AIT Tape Libraries