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Dragonfly Introduction

HGL Dynamics presents its Dragonfly range of miniature high-performance data acquisition cards and support modules.

The world of digital data acquisition has matured over the past few years, with a range of vendors (including HGL Dynamics) offering high-quality and performance data acquisition products in a variety of form factors, with one exception: miniature, vehicle-mounted, high-performance and ultra low-power modules. Dragonfly from HGL fills this area.

Dragonfly provides not only Data Acquisition modules, but also support modules such as:

  • Core2 Duo, Core i5, and Core i7 CPU modules powerful enough for any measurement task,
  • Solid State Disk (SSD) modules for extended removable storage needs,
  • Battery / UPS power modules for 6 - 30 V DC inputs
  • Gigabit Ethernet Switches with Power Over Ethernet (POE) capability
  • Ethernet connected remote control / display unit
  • More module types are being added to the range so please check this page again soon.

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All modules can be configured to IP64 ratings and are produced in extruded aluminium chassis for robust all-weather operation.

annotated dragonfly machined front2

Dragonfly modules are designed for single module operation, either tethered to a laptop or other PC or distributed over wide distances (100s of metres) in multiple unit networks. Dragonfly modules can also be easily joined together to form more localised measurement hubs using the built in T slot and bar.

 twin dragonfly machined front


More complex systems can be built up from multiple module types to provide the functionality / performance required by individual users. The following day a completely different architecture can be created by simply rearranging the modules as required. This capability is unique to the HGL Dragonfly and represent the most flexible and cost effective measurement systems available on the market today.

dragonfly pc system front slide 4

16 Channel Dragonfly Recorder with screen, control buttons, CPU and storage modules 

dragonfly32 channel cheat


 32 Channel Dragonfly Recorder without screen, but with local CPU

dragonfly pc system front
16 Channel Dragonfly Recorder with local CPU