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Dragonfly8 GPS
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Dragonfly8 GPS


8 Channel Acquisition Module with GPS Synchronisation

  • 8 independent analogue input channels
  • 24-bit Sigma-delta Analogue to Digital Converters
  • Up to 100 kHz maximum bandwidth (at 256 kS/s sample rate)
  • 120 dB Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Wide range of internal signal conditioning available
  • Multi-module synchronisation through
    • IEEE 1588
    • LVDS 7-wire HGL interface (up to 100 m)
    • GPS input (synchronisation to < 20 ns worldwide)
  • Environmentally rated to IP64
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) or external 6 - 30 V
  • Rugged extruded aluminium chassis
  • Integral slide mechanism to join with other Dragonfly family members


Dragonfly is a high quality modular data acquisition system intended for applications ranging from ultra-portable small channel count mobile field based needs to large scale fixed installations of hundreds of synchronous channels.

Dragonfly is completely compatible with HGL’s existing range of data acquisition, real-time monitoring, analysis and archiving systems, and due to its network based architecture can be integrated into third-party or customer bespoke systems with ease.

Dragonfly is small enough to fit easily in a laptop bag, and lightweight enough (at < 1 kg) for easy transport to remote sites. As such it makes an ideal measurement system with a standard laptop for personal / consultancy field work. However, the standard Dragonfly is also able to be linked with other units to create large multi-purpose systems simply by sliding it together with one or more other modules, and connecting a few simple cables (power, sync, and Ethernet).

Dragonfly can be fitted with a number of internal signal conditioning cards which further extend its capabilities and benefits to end users. Single or multiple conditioning functions can be hosted by an individual Dragonfly and cards can be swapped out by users if required.

The DragonflyGPS module differs from the standard Dragonfly acquisition module, due to the inclusion of a GPS receiver for timing and optionally for position information. When connected to an external GPS antenna, the DragonflyGPS module obtains time information from the GPS satellites. It provides the same LVDS synchronisation signal to other Dragonfly modules that is used between standard Dragonfly modules. In this way, it is possible to build a widely distributed acquisition system using standard Dragonfly modules and LVDS cables and one DragonflyGPS module at each local site.