Hawk User Interface

HGL Hawk user interface

Common user interface for all HGL acquisition systems

  • Controls hardware configurations from 4 analogue channels to 800+ analogue channels
  • Controls acquisition of analogue channels and digital telemetry in one system
  • Controls High-speed (> 200 kS/s) and steady-state/transient acquisition as well as "standard" dynamic bandwidths
  • Controls external signal conditioning
  • Simple, fast channel definition 
  • Supports multiple calibration methods
  • Built-in Hawkeye for real-time display
  • Built-in data review features
  • PC architecture


Acquire hundreds of analogue or digital channels, with simultaneous sampling across all channels, and analyse the results within seconds - all on a single compact data acquisition system. Or capture data from a handful of channels using nothing more than a laptop and compact Dragonfly - using the same software. 

The Hawk GUI provides complete control of the dynamic data acquisition, allowing complex manipulation of network-attached devices such as Dragonfly acquisition modules, Fylde signal conditioning racks, or Hawks and Eagles.

The Hawk GUI turns your PC into a multi-channel measurement instrument, providing complete full-screen access to all aspects of managing your set-up, calibration, acquisition, monitoring, and data review.