Marine condition monitoring

An operator of cruise liners in Europe and the Caribbean had a particular problem with excessive damage to part of the drive-train on one of their ships. The ship had a facility for recording raw data for later analysis whenever the vibration exceeded certain levels, but the customer recognised that they needed more detailed information while the ship was still at sea.

HGL upgraded the existing data logger system with our standard Hawkeye monitoring package. This enabled display of velocity spectra obtained from the fitted accelerometers, with alarm conditions being detected and reported in real-time. The customer has a choice of pre-configured display setups, or they can create their own display layouts if they choose.

The system has been configured so that raw data sets are only kept during times of excessive vibration, ensuring that the system has plenty of storage space even for high-frequency dynamic data. Each alarm condition is logged, describing which condition was detected on which channel, and for how long the alarm condition was active.

European Cruise Liner
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