Emissions Measurement - Annual Audits

HGL Dynamics is a consultant to a major OEM of Industrial Gas Turbines. HGL’s specialist engineers were requested to carry out an audit on the emissions measurement equipment at their development & manufacturing testing facilities.

To comply with internal testing standards, HGL was requested to design an audit inspection document.

After the OEM had approved the documentation, HGL engineers then carried out the audits.

Part of the audit was to log any faults and improvement suggestions.

The scope was to cover various elements of the equipment including:

  • 1 x Emissions measurement system at the development site to support combustion rig testing
  • 2 x Emissions measurement systems within the production test facility
  • The exhaust gas sample handling system (on all emissions systems)
  • 2 x Gas Chromatographs (measurement of the natural gas composition)
  • Acquisition/analysis software/data-logging & internal network management 
  • Gas bottles & regulators

Within this scope, inspections were carried out such as leak checks, linearity checks, pressure & flow checks, NOx converter checks, gas bottle & regulator inspections, inspecting the kit for cleanliness ( e.g. dust accumulations) , air flow/cooling & heating, lighting & ventilation, H & S compliance, documentation (e.g. gas bottle certificates, service reports, calibration records etc.), tooling & validating data integrity.

The report was presented to the customer along with the audit logs, resulting in HGL working with the Gas Turbine OEM on various tasks/projects highlighted in the report.

HGL also continues to provide on-going manpower support to cover production & development testing on this equipment.