Data Logging

Logging data from dynamic signals is often useful for assessing the long-term behaviour of equipment. This can be done by digitising data at a higher bandwidth than is required for recording, and summarising the data prior to recording.

Examples include measuring vibration responses to harmonic excitation such as tracked orders, or shaft centre-line on rotor dynamics. Some applications require further calculation, such as rain-flow stress-strain cycle counting.

Whatever the calculation requirement, HGL has considerable experience in providing low-rate reduced data in real-time from high-rate input signals. We have supplied measurement equipment to the offshore industry for long-term assessment of plant condition or accrued damage.

Historically, this has required an operator or support engineer to visit the remote site and swap a hard disk very few months. More recently, it has become feasible to transmit reduced data reports at regular intervals through inexpensive mobile data networks using 3G mobile or satellite data routers.

HGL's Dragonfly system is ideally suited for remote and/or unmanned operation, using its combination of low power usage, TCP/IP connectivity for both data and control, and the battery and POE (Power over Ethernet) options. An option for 3G connectivity is also available. Please contact us with your particular requirement and we will be happy to discuss how best to assist you.

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