Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is a major tool in predictive maintenance, for many areas of industry. Vibration analysis is a key diagnostic indicator in condition monitoring, especially for rotating equipment or machinery. A key aspect of this is to measure the shaft speed of rotation and phase angle accurately.

HGL's continuous acquisition and real-time monitoring systems provide operators with all key information required for condition monitoring, whether in the time or frequency domain. The advanced tracking of vibration amplitudes at critical speeds and natural mode frequencies allows rapid analysis of equipment and simple to use warning and alarms.

It is straightforward to configure a monitoring environment to look for subtle changes in amplitude, or frequency, that could indicate the onset of a potential problem.

HGL's offline analysis software gives users the ability to review data over time, identify events in the data, and to search for similar events that may have occurred previously or on other units being monitored. This provides the ability to manage vehicle fleets or turbine farms, for example.

Rail condition monitoring
wind turbine condition monitoring