Longer-term leasing

Sometimes our customers know that they will need access to equipment for extended periods of acquisition and/or testing, for which purchasing a system might seem the sensible route. Over the years, HGL has found that it is often helpful to offer a leasing service as an alternative to following the capital purchase route. Leasing may help to avoid certain delays in the procurement process, and it may also fit in better with the customer's own billing model.

Several of our clients have benefited from long-term leases of systems, from small portable units all the way up to rack-mounted test cell systems. Our Dragonfly acquisition system, housed in a suitably weather-proof enclosure, has been successfully used for offshore data acquisition. These systems, often situated on unmanned platforms in the North Sea, run continuously acquiring low-rate data for up to 30 days at a time. At the other extreme, one of our clients was so impressed with the performance of their 128-channel digital acquisition and analysis system that part-way through the lease, the system was purchased outright. This gave the client the benefit of flexibility at the start of the test and reduced cost of ownership in the longer term.