HGL Dynamics Spin Rig

 Rotating Machinery Simulation

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Key Features

Portable yet robust desktop solution
Multi-channel signal outputs
Manual & automatic shaft speed control
Fully adjustable flywheel & bearing locations
Multiple bearing types supported
Equipped with proximeter probes & tachometer


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The HGL Dynamics Spin Rig solves the logistical and safety problems associated with simulating and learning about vibration phenomena on full scale installations. This bench top system is capable of accurately simulating rotating machinery, and provides the perfect platform for training users in the process of measuring and analysing vibration data.

The Spin Rig combines precisely manufactured components, user-configurable parts, highly accurate industry-standard probes and intuitive controls. All of these features are provided in a portable and robust chassis, designed to maximise safety whilst ensuring user accessibility is not compromised.

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The HGL Spin Rig is supplied, as standard, with a single, once per revolution, tachometer probe mounted at the motor, plus two pairs of proximity probes mounted on the configurable pedestals. Industry-standard fixing holes are provided on the bearing pedestals to allow for the fitting of most accelerometer types. 

The HGL Dragonfly Acquisition Module*, combined with HGL Hawkeye* software, is the perfect choice for use with the Spin Rig. The Spin Rig is also compatible with many third party data acquisition systems.

HGL’s Trim Balancing Pro software* enables users of any experience to successfully carry out trim balancing operations on a wide variety of machinery types.

The Spin Rig is the ideal partner for Trim Balance Pro* software.

*Optional extras to the Spin Rig / Refer to HGL Flyers for further information.


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Simulate countless scenarios and applications using the pedestals and flywheels (two supplied) configured in a variety of different arrangements.

A large number of imbalance arrangements can be simulated using the provided set weights to balance or unbalance the two flywheels.

Shaft speed and ramp rate can be controlled in both automatic and manual modes using the programmable multi-function controller unit.

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HGL Dynamics is able to provide staff experienced in vibration monitoring and with expert familiarity of the HGL hardware and software tools.

HGL Dynamics offers training workshops in configuring the Spin Rig for various applications, fitting accelerometers, acquiring measurements and analysing results.


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