HGL Pioneer

Automated Data Analysis for Trending and Summarising

  • Fast automated peak extraction process
  • Fast automated peak selection process
  • Fast validation process, with instantaneous access to processed files
  • Automated queries for reporting critical data
  • Fully automated plots for displaying the most important features
  • Single storage location of extracted peaks with local or remote network access capabilities
  • High-performance operation
  • Multi-user access


The primary role of Pioneer is to assist engineers during the analysis of vibration test results, by quickly and easily locating the critical results required to assess the mechanical integrity of the components under test. This allows the engineer to spend less time reviewing all the data to find the critical results, and more time studying and validating just those critical data points from the test.

Pioneer performs many fast automated processes and is ideal for those who want to report the most critical data from an important test within minutes. It also enables users to have only one single storage location of important information which is accessible via a local or remote network.

  • Unlimited peak data point storage
  • Easy-to-use front end
  • Multi-user access
  • Local or remote network access

Pioneer's main features include:

  • Automation of the repetitive, data manipulation of the analysis process
  • Provision of a "standard" method for engineers to sort and summarise data allowing for validation of all processes used
  • Ability to view any values reported to the user in the frequency domain spectral density plot from which the value has been extracted
  • Ability to identify and mark any data points that are deemed "invalid" during the acquisition
  • Provision of a range of methods to identify and extract the key data values for summary plotting and assessment
  • Provision of a range of standard plots to report the summarised data

pioneer_screenshot2_plot_detail_small                                      pioneer plot detail_small