01 October 2014 - HGL launches new spin rig

Today, HGL Dynamics has updated its spin rig product with a major design overhaul. The new design was launched at HGL France's annual Vibration Analysis Studies Day.

The new rig is better suited to testing real-world scenarios, due to its improved bearing mountings, vibration isolation stand-offs, and its integrated digital controller.

The unit is available for hire as a demonstration or training system, or can be purchased if you have the need for long term access to a rotating machinery simulation tool such as this.

SpinRig1 cleaned web

The HGL Spin Rig features two distinct sets of X and Y axis sensor, which are offset longitudinally. The main rotor disk is larger than was the case on the previous design, allowing for greater degrees of out-of-balance to be simulated.

The new design is more compact that similar offerings from other vendors, making it easier to transport.

The dedicated controller unit allows both minimum speed and maximum speed to be set up in advance. Also, the slew rate can be adjusted for control of run-up and run-down times.

For more information about this versatile test and simulation tool, please contact us.